WHAT IS Membrane separation APPRICATION OF Membrane separation Ultra micro-porous ROLYUREHTANE Film RUSTORE®
"Membrane separation TECHNOLOGY" creates a fantastic & dramatic difference such as Heaven to the earth, chalk to cheese. "Membrane separation TECHNOLOGY" is a hi-technology of filtration of material, separation of anything you want.
Mechanism of Separation through microporous membrane.
Membrane separation is one of the techniques to separate or filter material.
It can separate, filter, condense, enrich or re-fine water or materials from water.
It can be done because of the difference of pore size and molecule or particle size. It does not need heat energy such as used in a distillatory apparatus.
It works with less energy and safer & efficient energy system.
It's easy! It's safe! Only GREEN particle passes through a film, and separates from the YELLOW particle.
Variety of microporous membrane and range of separationVariety of microporous membrane and range of separation
MF membrane : Micro Filtration
The size of sieve mesh is just between regular filter & ultra-filter.
This filter is applied to separate 0.05 - 10 micro meter corpuscle in liquid.
MF membrane & UF membrane
UF membrane : Ultra Filtration
This won't carry out 0.005 - 0.1 micro meter corpuscle but let water , ion molecular and low molecular weight materials pierce. Specially this is superior in water-permeability. Separation through this membrane is usually applied to method of concentration & refinement
RO membrane : Reverse Osmosis
When we put strong solution & weak solution into each section of receptacle which inside is partitioned by a membrane, because of difference of the osmotic pressure, a solvent in weak solution move into strong solvent through a membrane in order to make equal density between both solution. This phenomena is called "osmosis".
Reverse osmosis is a method of doing reversed way, i.e. giving heavier pressure (heavier than the osmosis pressure) to strong solution side, let a solvent in strong solution move into weak solution through a membrane.
RO membrane
•Other separation membranes,
Ion Exchange Membrane Reformed ion exchange resin to microporous membrane. It is used for Electrodialysis.
Dialysis Membrane This membrane causes dialysis (solution passes through membrane) and osmosis (solvent passes through membrane).
Oxygen Enrichement Membrane This membrane can let oxygen gas pass through largely. This can enrich oxygen density in the air up to ratio of 20 - 40%.
Quailties of materials of membranes
Quality will be selected by its purpose or use of filtration. The qualities below listed of materials are used in a form of cartridge.
* Polyester * Activated carbon (tissue) * Epoxy
* Cotton * Glass fiber * Acetate
* Polypropylene * Acrylic * Tetrafluoro ethylene
* Stainless 316 * Cellulose * Nylon66