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WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD "Menbrane separation" TECH IS!
For example, we can enrich oxygen, we can change seawater to pure water.
"What ? we can make that magic ! " There are wonderful surprises in it. "Membrane saparation TECHNOLOGY" serve us at many places in our life.

  *Water-purification treatment
*Seawater desalination & water production system
  Manufacturing salt from seawater, pufifying water disposal, pruducing water, tools for purifying water,clothes  
*Genuine water,Ultra- genuine water It is used in various points like Life,Factory,Environment,Energy,Health,Foods. *Drainage treatment
Semi-conductor,Electrode membrane,Electronic paint coating,Gas separation,Backterium eradidation,Degassing,Air supply Sewage disposal Industrial draining disposal.Re-use by removal of unnecessary materials
Fuel cell,Hydrogenous production,Nuclear power plants,Marine-fresh water generation Raw soy,Raw Japanese sake,Condensed fruit juice,Protein elimination from honey,Dairy products
*Fuel cell *Fermentation
*Condensed fruit juice
  Aritificial dialysis membrane Artifical muscle,Artificial lungs,Medical water  
  *Dialysis Membrane  
Life Water-purification treatment To use membrane, it became easier to purify water than the purification facilities in the past and furthermore it has became easy to operate the machine itself due to less tools contained. It can eradicate completely dirt. When making drinking water, quantity of chlorine to supply into the water will be reduced, if dirt materials & bacilli can be eradicated completely and organic substance & ammonia can also be removed.
Desalination When we partition different dense liquids (such as water & seawater) with semi-permeable membrane, pure water pass through the semi-permeable membrane to sea water side. But if we give pressure to seawater side, we can let pure water in seawater reverse to water side. This system is widely used at solitary island resort hotels and on vessels for lifesaving.

Drainage treatment

Not only treatment to separate oil & water from waste industrial drains which include waste oil , reusing water, but also drainage treatment for agricultural drainage and living drainage reserve us good environment. Membrane separation is a simple process so it saves energy & it is an ecological treatment.
Foods Fermentation It is necessary to eliminate completely enzyme albumen when we deliver row sake, row soy at the normal temperature. Ultrafiltration system can eliminate, without heating, microbes and enzyme both of those make smell & taste of row sake & row soy so inferior.
Keeping row without heating gives foods original rich smells and it's original mellow flavor.
Condensed juice Condense juice is produced by taking out water from fresh juice through separation membrane. Fruit juice consists of almost 90% of water. If we can take out water as much as possible from it, it will get merit to storage in good quality.
Health Dialysis membrane To remove solution and extra water, we apply 2 kinds of physical principles of diffusion and filtration.
Diffusion : By way of driving force from difference of dense, solution transfer from higher dense side to lower dense side and solvent move reverse way from lower dense side to higher dense side. The smaller element solution is, faster the transferring speed gets.
Filtration : By way of driving force caused by the difference of plus pressure (or minus pressure) , a part of material in the liquid pass through a membrane.

Fuel cell

Fuel cell generates electric energy from electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. This system uses ion-exchangeable polymer membrane as electrolyte, hydrogen as an energy and oxygen from the air as an oxidizer. Waste gases are very clean & these characteristics mean nice for environment. Fuel cell generator equipments with high power generating efficiency are widely expected to come into wide use.
Factory Genuine water,
ultra genuine
Many ultra genuine waters are used in order to wash out chemical stuffs & corpuscles at electronic industrial field, in certain laboratories , and on the printing process where minuteness needed. The higher water treatment needs are required. The tech of membrane separation is a key technology which is not dispensed with.